Ever had one of "those" days??

My sweet little girls are just that, sweet. But man do we have our days!!! Moms please tell me I am not alone in this? Do you ever have one of "those" days? My 5yr old actually told me today that she was going to continue to do every bad she could because I would not let her play in my car! Mind you this was after yesterday when I saw my 3 year old head to the garage so I went and checked on her, roughly 2 minutes after she went that way and I found she had got in my car, strapped herself in the carseat and shut the doors. She doesn't know how to undo the seat! Had I not been watching closely like I always do keeping an eye on where they are, she would have gotten quite hot in there!! I don't think it was too hot because it was in the garage, but I definitely did not want to find out!

I try pretty hard to remind myself,,, they are kids,, common sense is not something they have fully developed. LOL, but it can be tough! Who else feels like this can be the hardest job??? Don't get me wrong, I love it!

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