Things you need to know before booking your Newborn Session.

I first want to offer everyone who is expecting a huge Congratulations on your little one coming soon! This is the most magical time in your life and capturing your little ones newborn portraits isn't something you shouldn't take lightly. Thank you for taking the time to check out my website and my newborn work and hopefully if you are reading this it means you love my work and would like to learn more.

Newborn Photography is an investment that will become cherished memories forever. That is why I carefully considered pricing to ensure quality product and services for my clients. The session itself is only part of creating your memories. I will also spend hours culling, editing and preparing your collection to showcase your precious little one. I absolutely love my career and can't imagine any other thing I would rather be doing.

Lets talk about booking your session. The best time to book your session is the 5th or 6th month of your pregnancy to ensure availability. The best age to photograph your newborn is before 14 days old. When booking we will pick a tentative date that we will re-evaluate as your due date approaches. I keep newborn spots limited each month to ensure your session will be available even with late or early arrival of your little one. We all know labor is unpredictable! I do reserve a few last minute sessions for newborns each month, if you are due within a month please click here if you are interested in securing a last minute session.

So what happens prior to your session now that you have booked and it almost session day? A couple days prior to your session I will send you a parent prep packet online. It will include clothing suggestions for parents and siblings, tips and tricks for a sleepy newborn and suggested items you might need for your session. I will also send a newborn questionnaire to design your session based on your color and pose preferences. I do have a certain style I maintain and hopefully you have seen my portfolio and love my style and that is why you are reading this, however ultimately the portraits will hang on your wall, so I strive to make them perfect for you!

What should you bring to your session? I supply all the props needed for your session. You are welcome to bring sentimental items or props along, I do request you send a photo ahead of time so I can prepare for the prop in advance. I supply wraps of all different colors. I also supply newborn outfits and do lots of newborn images in their birthday suits as newborn clothing can be bulky or uncomfortable. On the prep list I send prior to your session it will list a few items I do recommend such as pacifier, hair brush if baby has long hair and spare clothes for parents in case the baby "goes" during parent shots.

Another thing I was actually surprised that people asked is what I shoot with? Then I realized what a great question! I use a Canon 6D with a 35mm Sigma Art lens and lighting is an alien B400 studio lighting system with an 86" PLM. I have a backup Sony A7iii camera with a 55mm Sony lens for backup. I have multiple backdrop options along with a bed setup for lifestyle type images if desired. I keep my equipment updated and in great condition to ensure no issues during your session.

You may be wondering, how long before you get your portraits. I typically get sneak peeks & proof galleries to clients within 3 days. Clients then have time to choose their images for editing. After client has chosen their desired images I will have edited images returned in hi-resolution with a license to print within 3 weeks, typically sooner. For print packages you will be able to pick those up within 5 weeks, also usually sooner from the time you have selected your images, no more than 2 weeks after you have received your digital images.

As far as my style goes, I would describe my style as classic, clean elegant and simple focusing on the baby more than a bunch of background clutter. I do love rustic props, bowls and crates. I design my sessions with my clients questionnaire choices worked into my style.

Now that you know more about how I do things I wanted to include a few other commonly asked questions from clients. You won't want to skip over these ones either, they are some great information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I see so many newborn photographers who "specialize" in newborns, should I just go with the cheapest one? Cost is always at the forefront of clients minds, but choosing the least expensive photographer isn't the best way to choose someone to capture your newborns portraits. Least expensive often means least experienced. You need to consider your photographer will be handling, posing and soothing your newborn baby. Newborn safety should be the number one priority.

Q. What should I look for in a newborn photographer? You want to make sure the photographer you hire knows how to properly handle and pose your baby. There are a few ways a photographer can learn this. Online training and videos, teaching manuals, seminars and workshops. It is entirely acceptable to ask your photographer about their training. You will want to look through there work and be sure it fits your personality. Check that babies look relaxed and comfortable. Newborns are very flexible and look most comfortable in womb-like poses. Not all photographers know how to pose like this, so if their portraits look uncomfortable they may not be trained on proper posing.

Q. Why is the recommended age for newborn photos before 2 weeks? Newborns become more alert after two weeks and are harder to get in a deep sleep for posing. After two weeks colic and baby acne can appear. Newborns also grow very quickly and change so much in the first month it is important to capture that new look.

Q. How long have you been photographing newborns? I started photographing newborns in 2015. I average around 50-75 newborns a year. I have 4 children and 14 nieces and nephews and am very comfortable around babies. I do all my shots with a spotter and will NEVER risk the baby for the sake of a shot. I am experienced in Photoshop and able to do necessary editing to allow me to do shots as composites putting safety first.

Q. What formal training have you had? I have done many online training videos and classes, studied training manuals from workshop trainers and attended in person newborn workshops. I have spoken with pediatricians and studied general newborn safety. I am part of many online communities that focus on newborn photography safety and posing. By far my in person newborn training has been the best tool for newborn safety and posing. Before hiring your photographer please make sure they have had in person training!

Hopefully this blog has helped you to understand more about how the newborn process goes from booking and after. One thing I want to touch on again is SAFETY! Please be sure even if you do not book with me, whoever you choose you ask the important safety questions. Newborn safety is not something you should skimp on and neither should your photographer.

If you would like more information or to book your session please click on the image below or click here to email me so we can chat.

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