Why book maternity?

I absolutely love capturing all these perfect newborns! There really isn't anything in my mind that compares to being able to freeze these first moments in time forever. I know I would love to have a newborn image of myself to look back on, I don't, but I would love to. As awesome as shooting newborn photography is, maternity is equally as amazing.

Those moments you spend pregnant can be a long list of mixed emotions. Pregnancy comes with so many side effects and lets face it, they are not all pleasant. However,,, they are all part of the journey. No matter how tough parts of pregnancy can get, it is all worth it when you see that perfect face for the first time. It is the most amazing feeling and no one can even explain it.

So reason one to book maternity... To freeze the happy moments of your pregnancy. Getting dressed up and embracing your bump even if only for 1 hour of your entire pregnancy, will be something you remember forever. Having amazing images to look back on. It will be a special bond you and your child will share forever. This is also an image I would absolutely adore!! If I had a photo of my Mom carrying me, I would cherish it forever! I have only seen one image of my Mom pregnant and I am not sure it was me, but I might have to ask and locate the photo because I am getting all choked up picturing it in my mind!

Reason number two to book maternity is to get to know your photographer. I love meeting my clients for a fun stroll in the park or in the studio for maternity photos. It gives us a chance to chat and talk about the baby and learn about each other. I mean I am going to spend up to 3 hours with you handling your precious baby, you should know me! Although it isn't required it is a nice ice breaker!

Last but not least,,, the bundle!! If you book maternity and newborn images with me I will give you a bundle discount. We all know having a baby is can add extra expenses. Of course photography is something you should pay for since it will be the ONE thing that lasts. As those baby feet, toes and noses grow, the photos will remain. With that said I understand it can be difficult financially when there are so many other expenses. Offering a bundle deal will give you the chance to capture all the memories! Because just like your little one will grow and get bigger, your bump will disappear after time and the images and your baby will be your only reminders that it was there! (Oh maybe some stretch marks too I suppose.)

So if you have thought about maternity but haven't really made the decision, now is the time! I will be running a maternity marathon in August, so stay tuned!!! Check out my maternity work or message me today!

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