Oh your camera takes great photos!!

First I want to pop on and say,,, I have been slacking again and I am sorry! I meant to blog more and once again I dropped the ball. So please accept my apologies and I will try to do better!

Now on to the topic.

I have heard so many people say,, oh your camera takes such nice photos. Or... wow if I only had a nice camera. Or my favorite one is, we have a nice camera too. While I don't disagree that equipment is of utmost importance, it isn't everything. There is also post editing when it comes to portraits.

So you have great filters?? No! While I do use the occasional preset, it is in addition to my hand editing, not as a replacement. Each and every one of my images that I deliver to my clients is hand edited. I take the time to correct every blemish on each photo and fix colors and so much more. I put my whole heart and soul into my career and hopefully it reflects in every photo!

So just know, if you book a session with me, you will get the utmost care in each and every one of your portraits!!

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