National Rainbow Baby Day

Today is National Rainbow Baby Day. Some of you might ask, what is a Rainbow Baby?? The answer to that is; a baby born subsequent to a miscarriage, stillbirth or the death of an infant from natural causes.

Having so many of my close Mom friends and Moms I have met through my career having suffered the loss of a baby, this day means so much to me. I have mourned with them and rejoiced with them and tried to be the best friend I can be. For my clients I have done everything I can to involve the rainbow theme and also the loss babies memories in my sessions. I know nothing will ever replace a child and the loss is something no one who hasn't experienced it can explain, but I hope that by honoring the lost babies memories we can bring awareness to infant loss.

Moms just don't heal when people think they should. Grieving is a life long process and the loss of a child will never go away. Rainbow babies do not replace the love for the lost child, they add a new love. There will be many tough times ahead, always be gentle and kind. Here is a quote from one of my best friends who suffered a loss at 39 weeks of her precious son Emersyn, "Grief lasts forever but changes its heaviness on your heart in time".

The infant or child did exist and it isn't a bad thing to say their name. So many people fear that using a lost baby's name will upset his/her parent. I have heard from so many mothers that have lost, that it makes them so happy when people remember their babies, speak of them and use their names.It keeps their memories alive. Stillborn but, still born.

If you have never experienced grief like a mother of a loss baby, you will never completely understand how or what they feel. "The best option as a friend is to allow someone to suffer through the grief and not offer advice, but just listen". Emily Mueller

In honor of National Rainbow Baby Day and October being Infant Loss Awareness Month I am doing a very special session for Rainbow babies. If you or someone you know has a rainbow baby please have them email me @ if they would like to participate in this special session. Email me your Rainbow Baby Story and I will announce the babies chosen on August 30th via my Facebook VIP page. Babies must be sitting up and available Sept 14th around 7pm for the special session. Limited spots available.

Please enjoy some photos of just a few of my favorite Rainbow Babies I have had the honor of capturing their newborn portraits.

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