Lets talk Christmas.....

I am so excited for the Christmas setups this year but also feeling pained.

Lets start by talking about my Gingerbread Sessions. My girls were over the moon excited when modeling these, had so much fun!! They laughed and chuckled and giggled, it was such a blessing to watch. I will always have those memories so that is great!! However I am feeling down about them now. Two reasons actually.....

I didn't get the same excitement from clients and potential clients. I honestly was a little surprised because I feel not only are the images adorable, the joy radiating from my girls ( I know Mom goggles) was so much I was thinking people would love to see that with their own children!! I do also know it is still early!

Next reason was getting the phone call from another local photographer using the same backdrop. I have put so much into these to just find out, I am not the only one doing them. This is embarrassing and saddening. I ordered the large expensive backdrop, painted the table and bench, purchased aprons and tons of other props. Took hours setting up and getting photos to share so clients can see how fun and cute these sessions would be. Just to find out,,, I am not the only one offering them. While I understand these things happen, we are both in the same Facebook backdrop group and the backdrop is cute and caught both of our eyes, I am still torn! We are so local to each other it has me left sad and confused as to what to do. Maybe I should sell everything I bought? Maybe I should offer them in a few years? Maybe I should move forward? I really don't know. All I know is I am heartbroken.

Now lets talk about Milk N Cookies!!! These are so much fun and this year will be no exception! I am revamping the setup and this year will not be identical to last year. So if you got them last year, this year will be new!!!! So don't worry about having identical images just with older children, because you won't. I have a decent amount of bookings for these already and it does make my heart happy to see people are excited about them!!!

Last but not least, Santa is coming!! I am going to do a whole blog on that alone, because it is going to be amazing and it needs it's own blog all in itself!!

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