Lets talk about Composites...

I have a lot of clients when filling out their newborn questionnaire requesting certain images, specifically my swing newborn image. I wanted to take the time to explain exactly what that image and a few others are and why they are in my Deluxe Newborn or only added on to a regular newborn session at extra charge.

A composite is where a photographer takes a digital background and adds an image of a baby/person into the background. Although this may sound simple, this is quite complex. In order for a photo to look real the image must contain shadowing, lighting must be coming from the same direction in both images that will be merged together, and the baby must be smooth on the edges not looking "cut and pasted". This type of editing takes a lot of time and prep ahead of time. Digital backdrops are also extra because it the photographer has to purchase the backdrop or take time setting it up and editing it. All very complex.

Why a digital backdrop? The number one reason for most digital backdrops is safety! One of my most requested backdrops is a flower swing. It is beautiful, but in reality, wouldn't be safe to place a newborn in it! Second reason I like them is because you can do so many creative things for fun and for specific looks.

So enjoy this gallery of a few of my favorites and check out my Deluxe Newborn Package that now comes with a Fine Art Print of your composite image. I also included a couple of the images prior to adding to the digital backgrounds for you to see the before photos.

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