Newborns, my ultimate love.....

My youngest is 3.5 years old. When she was born I was just starting my photography journey professionally and newborns were not something I was currently photographing. I saw a friend post newborn photos about 9 months prior and I was in love! I knew right away I was booking newborn photos for my baby on the way and I was so excited!! The time finally came, my little Kinley was 7 days young and to the session we went. I don't recall receiving prep info or knowing what exactly what to expect. Upon arriving to the beautiful studio I was very comforted by the settings and the sweetest photographer. Was made to feel very at home. But then after the first pose, my little Kinley decided sleeping wasn't going to happen. Pooping, crying and eating were the only things she planned for the remaining time. Which wasn't long enough. So I left the session feeling sad. Sad that my dreams for a full gallery of newborn images was just not going to happen. It was then that I realized I wanted to photograph newborns and I wanted to offer a session setup that would give parents the time they needed to feed, change and comfort their baby. Now there are babies that do refuse even in a session up to 3 hours to really get sleepy and that I understand, but for the most part, a 3 hour session lends to enough time to get the baby settled.

So by offering a longer session and studying the behavior and tricks needed to have a successful newborn session I began to really understand newborns. As I began to understand them, I began to love them. I began to love watching parents interacting with their new precious bundles. I fell in love with my career.

What to expect when coming to my studio for a newborn session. I want you to feel at home. Enjoy my drinks and snacks, relax on my chairs, couch or even my studio bed. Enjoy watching me pose your little one and wrapping them snuggly in wraps. See their neat little toes posed to hold your wedding rings or tiny heart pillows. Most of all, expect to relax and chat like we are friends. Don't apologize if your baby pees on my or even poops. I love my job and I will treat your newborn with as much care as if they were my own.

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